Shopping Local

Good evening all! So I have spent the better part of the day out and about my community shopping. I love talking with the vendors at the Upland Farmers Market and hanging out in Historic Downtown Upland. A lot of people don’t realize all the great benefits of shopping locally. Click the link below for…


Trail Running

Good evening all! Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I had a very ling shift. So I had no time to go to the gym this morning. Instead, I hit the trail in front of my house. I managed to knock a few solid mile before work. There are some great health benefits from trail running, like:…

Falling Off the Fitness Wagon

We have all done it at some point. Lately, I find myself lagging and putting off my workouts. That is mostly due to all my hours at work and things going on in my family life. Today I have made a fitness plan to get me back on track. If you are having trouble getting…


Good evening all! Check out these tasty recipes I found for runners! Enjoy! 4 post-run healthy lentil recipes for runners


Good evening all! Tomorrow I will be doing some grocery shopping and probably picking up some yummy protein cookies. Check out Top 9 Protein Cookies You’ll Want to Eat from Mens Health magazine for some good protein cookie suggestions. Enjoy!


Good evening all! I hope everyone’s Monday is going well. Check out the awesome article I found on why injured or even uninjured runners should eat more Kale. Enjoy! WHY INJURED RUNNERS SHOULD BE EATING KALE

To Take Your Supplement or To Not Take Your Supplements

Good afternoon all! Should you really take your vitamins and supplements every day? Personally, I don’t take them everyday. I tend to alternate and change them every so often. Check this very helpful article from the Huffington Post below. Enjoy! Should You Take A Vitamin Every Day?

New Product 2/08/20

Good afternoon all! So lately i have been taking evening primrose for a little while to clear up some of my acne. I have been taking Barlean’s Evening Primrose. Their formula is great. Their gelcaps are super easy to swallow and taste great. Until next time, keep eating your greens!

Evening Primrose

Good evening! I hope everyone is having a great Friday. Today I would like to share some info on Evening Primrose. It is a supplement that helps fight many things, like acne, eczema, and even high blood pressure. Click the link below for more info. 10 Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil and How to Use…

Hill running

Good afternoon! Hill running. It’s not always fun but it can be really beneficial to increasing your speed. Check out the link below for more info. The Benefits of Hill Running