Gotta love those Beets!

Happy Wednesday all!

Today are talking about beets! They are one of the many veggies currently in season. Here are couple fun facts about them: they are high in both vitamin K and Magnesium. With so many varieties and colors out there you can’t go wrong with beets. However, we are just going to focus on just a few types.

Red or Purple Beets

These are the most common type of beets. These roots are dark and often very luscious. Beets, or Beetroots, as they are also called are best in salads. Chop them up and throw them in a salad to add a colorful and tasty crunch.

Gold Beets

These delicious golden nuggets bring a bright, vibrant gold color to every meal. They are mild in taste and cook easily. They are best in roast and easy to boil. Add them in with some chicken and lemon and you’ll get a delectable dinner.

Finally Striped

There is such a thing as Striped or Chioggia beets. These eye-catchers are striped inside and dark outside. Striped beets have a strong sweet taste. So, if you don’t like most beets you might like these.

So, if you have never tried beets before give them a shot! There are so many different recipes out there.

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