Carrots and Chard and Dandelions, Oh My!

As Spring is leading us into Summer we will be continuing with what’s in-season right now.


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These incredible roots are high in so many nutrients like Biotin, Vitamin K1, and Potassium. But they are also extremely high in Beta Carotene. Bate Carotene then gets converted into the awesome Vitamin A. With so many different carrot recipes out there you just can’t go wrong with them. My personal favorite carrots are rainbow carrots because they make any recipe look and taste great.


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Chard, or Swiss Chard as it is also known as, is definitely not the most appealing vegetable but, lete me tell you why you should be eating more of it.

Chard is LOADED with great stuff like Vitamin E and K. In one serving you can get a good amount of Magnesium, Manganese, and Iron. Due to its leafy green color an excellent source of antioxidants. Throw some of this in your morning smoothie and you should be set for the day.


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It’s not just a garden weed. For centuries different cultures the world over have been using Dandelion for many different ailments such as liver detox and acne. Because there hasn’t been much scientific research done on the health benefits of this bright little plant all we know is that its leaves and dried roots are high in antioxidants and vitamin A. Also, it is best to purchase Dandelion from a local retailer or vitamin store instead of plucking it from your backyard due to exposure to pesticides and animal fecal matter.

Untill next time, keep eating your greens all!

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