Mmm… Citrus and Greens

Happy Wednesday all!

As we begin to prepare for summer, here are a few fruits and veggies that are still in-season. Enjoy! 3134631_S

Photo downloaded from Pixabay

Grapefruits – These luscious citrus fruits are sure to keep you hydrated through both spring and summer. The delicious relatives of the Orange come in a wide variety of colors, but Red and Pink Grapefruits have a stronger antioxidant level. Another great thing about Grapefruits is they can help lower both LDL and your blood pressure if regularly consumed. 852033_S

Photo downloaded from Pixabay

Kale – These dark greens just all around one of the best veggies you could eat. Kale is high in Vitamin A, C, and K. If you have an Iron deficiency have a serving a day because Kale is also high in Iron and Calcium. Kale also comes in different colors and is antioxidant rich as well. There is no wrong way to consume Kale. So if you prefer to juice it, boil it, or make Kale chips have it your way.

Untill next time, keep eating your greens.

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