Springtime Veggies

Being that today is the last day of spring, we will finish off with Spinach and Strawberries!

I know I have talk about both in the past. That’s just because I can’t get enough of them. So here is a little more information about Spinach and Strawberries.


Photo downloaded from Pixabay

Spinach – The ever so delicious veggie is high in Vitamin A and C. However it’s big plus is that its water content is 91% which makes Spinach a very hydrating food. Spinach is also high in Iron and Folic Acid.


Photo downloaded from Pixabay

Strawberries – Strawberries are currently at the hight of the season right now. But they technically in season January – November. These large juicy berries are rich in Potassium and Fiber. Surprisingly, the are very high in Vitamin C and Magnesium. They are perfect ingredient to add to a protein smoothing or oatmeal.

Untill next time, keep eating your greens!


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