Dried Fruit Time!

Good Afternoon everyone!

So it’s Thursday. Many people are slowly getting read for the weekend, traveling, and the 4th of July. There’s a lot of preperations going on for the coming week. You’re running around knocking out your to-do list like a freakin’ champ! Then, suddenly your stomach starts making a little noise because you need a snack. Maybe instead of getting a candy bar or going out to order some fast-food, grab some dried fruit and nuts.

Dried fruit can be both a great and a not-so-great snack option. Just check out this artice by Dr. Steven T. Sinatra called, Is Dried Fruit Healthy or a Sugar Bomb.

I agree that dried fruit with nuts is still a great option compared to other snacks. But they should be comsumed in moderation.

Until next time, have a great day.

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