Probiotics part II

Good afternoon all!

I know I have already talked about probiotics before, but I wanted to go a little deeper into the subject this time. Probiotics are live microorganisms, also known as “good bacteria”. When the amount of bad bacteria out numbers the amount of good bacteria this can cause a number of different health issues. Issues such as digestive isssues, allergies, and many others. This good bacteria can help you fight the bad bacteria in your gut.

Taking probiotics can help improve so many things. They can improve some mental disorders. They can also help improve your memory as well as aid in reducing your LDL (bad cholesterol). For women, probiotics can fight off Vaginal and Urinary Tract Infections. You can get probiotics from a large variety of fermented foods and supplements.

Just a reminder, probiotics are sold as supplements are not tested the same drugs or pharmacueticals are. If you have any more questions consult with your primary care provider.

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