New Probiotic

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Happy Friday all!

Today I would like to talk about a new supplement I just started taking that I am really excited about. Recently I started taking Primal Defense HSO Formula. I know it can be difficult to find the right probiotic so here is just a little information on this particular probiotic.

Primal Defense HSO Formula uses Garden of Life’s patented Homeostatic Soil Organism blend (HSO). Their HSO uses 12 different probiotic species. This blend also includes their Poten-Zyme process, which promotes a healthy digestive balance. Primal Defense also helps to promote absorption and a healthy immune System.

A few things to know before purchasing Primal Defense HSO Formula:

  • It says on the bottle it is Gluten Free but the Barley, Oat Grass, and Rice are in the ingredients. So if you have a Gluten allergy beware.
  • This product does contain dairy.

Untill next time, have a great day!



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