Nutritional Yeast

Happy 1st day of August!

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Recently I have been doing a little research into the health benefits of nutritional yeast. I’ve got to say, I am definately going to be including it into my diet more. This stuff is very nutrient-dense.

Nutritional yeast:

  • Is high in B vitamins. Especially in B-12 and B-6.
  • Supports your immune system by reducing inflammation
  • Contains free radical fighting antioxidants
  • Is a complete protein containing all nine amino acids.

While there are many different brands that offer nutritional yeast products like, Bragg Nutritional Premium Yeast Seasoning and Bob’s Red Mill GF Large Nutritional Yeast, it is important to find one that is right for you. Nutritional yeast is also very easy to use. Add it to popcorn or to any dish for a nutty, almost cheesy flavor.

Until next time, keep eating your greens.

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