Oct. 21

Happy hump day!

Instead of going for a run today I decided to just do a couple of beginner workouts. Now once again I am sore all over. I started of with some light yoga.

I downloaded an app called Yoga Down Dog. I like that the intensity can be adjusted, for example, you can pick  the Active setting or Passive setting. You can also pick which type of yoga you’d like to do. Then you can also pick a certain body part to work on. I picked a short active Quick Flow and that was a great way to warm-up.

Then I did a Nike+ Training workout that really whooped my butt. Controlled HIT was a challenging but great workout, especially if you are just starting to workout. I definitely like the new Nike app format. I like being able to see what the instructor is doing so I can correct myself.

Today’s workout was a bit challenging but each time I run or workout I know I am making progress. Until next time, keep eating your greens!

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