How to Get More Protein in Your Diet

Good afternoon all! So after yesterday’s post I found a great article about few ways that people can work a bit more protein into their diet. Click the link below! 14 Easy Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake Advertisements


You May Need More Protien

Good morning all! Recently I’ve noticed that after I have my recovery shake I sit feel kind of weak. So maybe I need to work in more protein? Here is am article I found on how to tell if you need more protein in your diet. Enjoy! 15 Subtle Signs That You Might Need To…

Thylox Soap

Good evening all!(Sponsored post) I hope everyone’s day went great. I wanted to talk about a new soap I have been using. I have been using Grandpa’s Soap Co. Thylox Acne Treatment. I didn’t think it would help but it did. I love the smell too. This soap is sulfate and paraben free. It is…

Stress and Running

Good afternoon all! For many of us runners, running is how we get some stress relief. The article below discusses the relation ship between running and stress. Click the link below. Until next time, keep eating your greens! When Running Stresses You Out (and What to Do About It)  

Lip Balms!

Good afternoon all! If you find yourself in need of a new lip balm for those chilly winter runs, check out The 9 Best Lip Balms For Runners. Enjoy!

How to Stop Thinking

Good evening all! So you get ready and warmed up for a run or workout, then that inner voice comes in. That inner voice, it’s annoying. It makes you over think and doubt your self right in the middle of your workout. Well, here is an article I found that may help you change or…


Good afternoon all! If you are looking for some more info on what you should mix into you next smoothie check out How to make the best smoothies to boost energy and aid recovery. Until next time, keep eating your greens!

More Aminos!

Good evening all! So here is a little more one one type of amino acid, L-phenylalanine. Enjoy! Phenylalanine: Benefits, Side Effects and Food Sources

Amino Acids

Good evening all! Happy Motivation Monday! Lately I have been looking into incorporating a few amino acids in my diet and my supplements. So I’m here to share one helpful article I found on the internet. Enjoy! Essential Amino Acids: Definition, Benefits and Food Sources

Running With Music

Good evening! I hope everyone is having a great day. Today’s workout was awesome! One thing that definately helped was the great playlist I made for my treadmill run. Check out this article about the pros and cons of running with music. Until next time, keep eating your greens! Should You Listen to Music While…