Strength Training

Happy Monday all! So recently I have decided to take a break from running. *Gasp!* However I am only doing this to focus on more strength training and gaining a bit more muscle as well as speed. I am throwing in a bit of yoga. There are so many benefits to adding strength training to…


Happy first of March all! Have you ever picked up a probiotic supplement and you see on the back it says it has 30 CFU? If you are wondering what that means check out the article below to find out! Until next time, keep eating your greens. What are CFUs and how many do you…

To Go to the Gym or to Not Go to the Gym

Good evening all! Here is a crazy thought, sometimes it’s ok to NOT go to the gym. Yes, taking breaks from the gym is actually a good thing. Check out this great article about taking a break from the gym. Enjoy! Taking a Break From Exercise Without Losing Fitness


Good evening all! I hope your Friday has been great. So here is some info on Cordyceps. Enjoy! 6 Benefits of Cordyceps, All Backed by Science


Good afternoon all! I hope everyone’s having a great day. I found this article from Runners World UK about Mushrooms. Click the link below. Enjoy! Runner’s recipes with Sarah – Mushrooms

Tax Refund Time

Happy Hump day all! So it’s tax time again! If you have already filed your taxes, good for you! Here a great bit of information from on what to do with that nice return of yours which could help fund a race or two. Click the link below. Until next time,keep eating your greens!…

Acid Reflux

Happy Tuesday all! Recently I have been dealing with a new problem, well a new-to-me problem called acid reflux. It has not been fun but it seems I am not alone. It turns out many runners get acid reflux. If you would like to know how to deal with acid reflux click the link below….


Good evening all! Today I’d like to share an article I found on the health benefits of Echinacea. Click the link below. Until next time,keep eating your greens! Echinacea: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and Dosage


Good afternoon all! Let’s talk about Hawthorn. This thorny shrub is mostly grown in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and for good reason too. Hawthorn: Has many antioxidant properties that help keep those nasty free radicals away. May help people with high blood…

Ginko Biloba

Happy Satuday! Let’s talk about Ginko Biloba. Ginko extract has quite a few health benefits. It is most commonly used for inflammation, but has a few other amazing benefits. Ginko: may improve brain function and may help those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s. has been shown in studies to help improve the eyesight of patients…