Happy Monday!

Good afternoon! So the last time I posted I mentioned I signed up for the LA Marathon. I probably won’t start training until the fall. So I plan on signing up for a 5k, 10k, and maybe a half marathon. In the mean time I plan on building up my endurance and miles. I’m slowly…


Runners and Keto

Good afternoon all! I hope everyone’s run was great today. I found an article in Women’s Running Magazine about the pros and cons of the Keto Diet for runners. Click the link below. Until next time, keep eating your greens! How The Ketogenic Diet Affects Running Performance

The Near Future

Good evening everyone! Today, I started thinking about my goals for next year. So far I have been considering a few things like, joining the Run the Year challenge. I’ve also been thinking about signing up for a half marathon and/or a 5k or two. If you are starting to think about your running or…

Turkey Trot II

It almost Friday all! If you have a opted to register for one of the MANY Turkey Trots going on this Thanksgiving you may be looking for some costume ideas. So check out this great article from Active.com below. Enjoy! 10 All-Time Best Turkey Trot Costumes, Ranked

Turkey Trot Time!

There’s only 22 days to Thanksgiving! WHOOHOO! Now is the time sign up and register for your local Turkey Trot! So here is a little bit of history about the Turkey Trot. Enjoy! The History Of The Turkey Trot