Good evening all! So as it turns out, adaptogens can do great things! Check out this article from on Ashwagandha. Click the link below. 12 Proven Health Benefits of Ashwagandha Advertisements


Winter Soups

Good evening! Here is a great article on soups for athletes! Enjoy! 8 Heart-Healthy Soups for Athletes

Meal Prepping for Runners

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The Trots

So you’re getting into a good run. The weather and temperature is prefect. There is even nice cool breeze and you are running at a great pace. Then, you feel it. Your stomach starts to gurgle and you have to find a restroom RIGHT NOW. You’ve got Runner’s Trots. It sucks. Most runners have experienced…

It’s Friday!

Good afternoon! As the temperature start to get colder and the morning get chillier it get a little harder to recover. So here is an article with some great ideas for warm recovery drinks. Enjoy! Warm Drinks That Boost Your Run, and Ones That Don’t

When to Take Your Supplements

Happy wednesday all! Vitamins. When is that right time to take them. Most people tend to take them in the morning but there are some that can be taken at night. Here is a great article from the Washington Post on when you should take certain types of supplement. Enjoy! Morning or night? With food…