Monday Oct. 19

Alright it’s Monday! As I am slowly (and I mean super slowly) getting ready/training for the L.A. marathon I am looking into getting the right running gear. One thing I am thinking about is either getting a running vest or belt. If you are having this issue as well check out GUIDE: RUNNING BACKPACK, HYDRATION…

Agua Fresca

Good evening all! This week is going to be much warmer than last week. So here is an article on how to make some refreshing Agua Frescas. Check out Aguas frescas that will help you lose weight & get healthy. Until next time, keep eating your greens!

Why Your Muscles Shake

Happy Friday! Yesterday I totally crushed my workout. But in the middle of a new workout my muscles started shaking. That had me asking myself, “Why does that happen?” Well, I came across an article explaining why that happens. Click the link below. Until next time, keep eating your greens! Why Am I Shaking During…

Stress and Running

Good afternoon all! For many of us runners, running is how we get some stress relief. The article below discusses the relation ship between running and stress. Click the link below. Until next time, keep eating your greens! When Running Stresses You Out (and What to Do About It)  

Running While Sick

Good evening! I jus6 wanted to share this great article about working out while sick. Enjoy! Will Working Out With a Cold Help or Hurt Your Health?

Rain Water

Good eveing all! With this glorious rain going on a round me I just thought I would share some info I found. Check out the article below and enjoy! Is Rain Water Clean and Safe to Drink?

Meal Prepping for Runners

Good evening! So today’s post will be short. Here is a great article with some tips about meal prepping. Enjoy! 5 Things I Learned From a Month of Meal-Prepping

The Trots

So you’re getting into a good run. The weather and temperature is prefect. There is even nice cool breeze and you are running at a great pace. Then, you feel it. Your stomach starts to gurgle and you have to find a restroom RIGHT NOW. You’ve got Runner’s Trots. It sucks. Most runners have experienced…

It’s Friday!

Good afternoon! As the temperature start to get colder and the morning get chillier it get a little harder to recover. So here is an article with some great ideas for warm recovery drinks. Enjoy! Warm Drinks That Boost Your Run, and Ones That Don’t

Dry Skin II

Good morning all! Dry skin sucks! There I said it. It sucks even more when your running. So I found this very helpful article from Runner’s World Magazine. Enjoy! Best Winter Skin Care Products for Runners