1st Workout

Good evening everyone! (Sponsored post) So I finally did my first workout since having Coronavirus. It was quite tough but i got through it. I had to start back at the beginning again. What helped me recover after my workout was my recovery shake filled with Plantfusion Complete Protein – Rich Chocolate. It’s plant based,…

New Product 12/19

Happy holidays all! (Sponsored post) Like most people I sometimes have a hard time sleeping. So I’ve been trying this new product, Multi Collagen Protein Rest + Recovery from Ancient Nutrition. I’ve been taking this for about a week. So far it seems to be working for me. Let me tell you a little bit…

Foot care

Good evening all! I hope all had a great day. Today I came across this article on some good foot care products for runners. Enjoy! The 9 Best Products to Help Prevent and Treat Foot Blisters to Buy in 2019

Running After Sickness

Good afternoon all! I really cannot wait to get back out to run. Slowly I am recovering. So here is a rather informative article that may make any runner feel better about taking off a few sick days from you training. Enjoy! How to Return to Running After Injury, Sickness or Missing Training

It’s Friday!

Good afternoon! As the temperature start to get colder and the morning get chillier it get a little harder to recover. So here is an article with some great ideas for warm recovery drinks. Enjoy! Warm Drinks That Boost Your Run, and Ones That Don’t

Tea Time

Good afternoon all! (Sponsored post) As fall goes on and the weather gets colder, we start to reach for warmer drinks. We go for drinks like Hot Cocoa, Apple Cider, and various teas. I go for the tea. Peppermint tea has so many incredible health benefits. It helps ease indigestion. This refreshing tea can also…