Oct. 21

Happy hump day! Instead of going for a run today I decided to just do a couple of beginner workouts. Now once again I am sore all over. I started of with some light yoga. I downloaded an app called Yoga Down Dog. I like that the intensity can be adjusted, for example, you can…

Brain Fog

Brain fog. It’s that tired, confused, well over all foggy feeling you get when you just can’t think clearly. It sucks! The good thing is you can do a couple things to clear your head of this nasty fog. You can exercise and/or drink more water. Also I found a helpful article with some more…


Good evening all! Do you know peppers are really healthy for you. They can kill off bacteria and cancer cells! Check out Some Like It Hot: 5 Reasons Spicy Food Is Good for You for more information. Until next time,keep eating your greens!

Oct. 9th

Good afternoon everyone! There are a lot of people right now trying to recover from, going through, and trying to avoid covid. So I found an article that has some helpful information on how to keep your lungs health. 14 Foods for Healthy Lungs and Improved Breathing covers all the different types of food that…


Good evening all! If you are recovering from Covid-19 check out Deep Breathing Could Help You Recover From Covid-19. Until next time, keep eating your greens!

1st Workout

Good evening everyone! (Sponsored post) So I finally did my first workout since having Coronavirus. It was quite tough but i got through it. I had to start back at the beginning again. What helped me recover after my workout was my recovery shake filled with Plantfusion Complete Protein – Rich Chocolate. It’s plant based,…

Recovering From Covid

Good evening all! So three weeks ago today I tested positive for Covid-19. It was a bit rough but I made it though ok. After two weeks I retested and thankfully my test came back negative. However, I still needed some time to recover because I had some difficulty breathing for while, in fact, I…

Friday Evening

Today, thankfully, was NOT a struggle day with my workout. Woohoo! I knocked out 4.5 miles. These passed couple days have been tough. The little anxiety monster was hanging around making it hard for me to sleep, but I didn’t let get me. For those of you with anxiety, keep fighting! Also, as always I…

Saturday Evening Post

Good evening everyone! I hope everyone’s Saturday was great! Check out this article I found on why running makes us runners happier. Enjoy! 5 Reasons Running Makes You Happier

Bad habits

Good evening all! We all have bad habits. Here is an article about runners bad habits and how to fix them. Click on the link below. Enjoy! 10 Bad Runner Habits (and How to Break Them)