Running in the Rain!

Good afternoon all! I am so happy the rain is sticking around a bit longer! Whoohoo! Part of me really wants to go for a run. Also part of me wants to rewatch The Mandalorian. I can’t get enough of Baby Yoda. Going for a run in the rain has so many benefits both physically…



Happy Monday all! (Sponsored post) I want to talk about a product I have been using for a little while now. Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein I really really like this protein powder! Here are a few reasons why I really like Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen: It has 5 different types of collagen. Types I,…

Thanksgiving eve for runners

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Whoo-hoo! As you get ready for your Turkey Trot or just celebrating with others check out the article from Enjoy! Runners, Here’s What You Can Eat This Thanksgiving

The Trots

So you’re getting into a good run. The weather and temperature is prefect. There is even nice cool breeze and you are running at a great pace. Then, you feel it. Your stomach starts to gurgle and you have to find a restroom RIGHT NOW. You’ve got Runner’s Trots. It sucks. Most runners have experienced…

Long Runs

Good morning all! Sorry there was no post yesterday. I had to take a rest day. Let’s continue onward! If are new to running or are looking for some new ideas on how to prep for a long run check out The Long Run: What to Do Before, During and After. Until next time, keep…

It’s Friday!

Good afternoon! As the temperature start to get colder and the morning get chillier it get a little harder to recover. So here is an article with some great ideas for warm recovery drinks. Enjoy! Warm Drinks That Boost Your Run, and Ones That Don’t

Running and Cognitive Function

Good morning all! Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to share this great article from Business Insider about how running can effect your brain. Enjoy! 8 key ways running can transform your body and brain

Race Time

Good afternoon all! As many people start their Thanksgiving preparations, runners are preparing for the annual Turkey Trot. If this is your first race it is very important to remember one thing: YOU CAN DO THIS! Also, give this awesome article a look. It may help a bit. Enjoy! Here’s Everything You Need to Know…

Saturday Post

Good evening all! I hope everyone’s Saturday run was great! Ladies, I found this awesome article with some important information about running and our breasts. Enjoy! 8 Things to Know About Running and Your Breasts


Happy Friday! As you are planning out your weekend run, remember to take you allergy medication before you get started. If you have allergy issues before, during, or after you run take a look at this article from Runner’s World Magazine. Enjoy! Why Do My Allergies Get Worse When Running?