Oct. 22

(This post has some sponsored links) So today I went on another run and it felt great. One thing that has been helping me with my runs and workouts is Nuun Strawberry Lemonade + Caffeine (Canister). It’s Non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan. It’s got the right amount of caffeine to get you through a long…

Oct. 21

Happy hump day! Instead of going for a run today I decided to just do a couple of beginner workouts. Now once again I am sore all over. I started of with some light yoga. I downloaded an app called Yoga Down Dog. I like that the intensity can be adjusted, for example, you can…

Monday Oct. 19

Alright it’s Monday! As I am slowly (and I mean super slowly) getting ready/training for the L.A. marathon I am looking into getting the right running gear. One thing I am thinking about is either getting a running vest or belt. If you are having this issue as well check out GUIDE: RUNNING BACKPACK, HYDRATION…

Oct. 18

Good evening all! As runners one of the most important things to do is taking care of our foot! Check out this article I found about just that! Until next time, keep eating your greens! Ultimate Foot Care Tips for Runners

Gettin’ Better!

Good afternoon all! Recovery update. I jogged/walked again to day. I did the same amount of miles I did last time, 2.03 miles. This time I took a different route and went uphill. I shaved about 2 minutes of my last jog. Whoo! Well thanks for checking out this post! Until next time, keep eating…

Breakfast burritos

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Imagine, it’s early morning. You get up are ready to go out for a run but, wait, you have to make breakfast first. You’ve had Oatmeal several times this past week. Why not go for a nice breakfast burrito? Check out the article below on how to make some great freezer…

Friday Evening

Today, thankfully, was NOT a struggle day with my workout. Woohoo! I knocked out 4.5 miles. These passed couple days have been tough. The little anxiety monster was hanging around making it hard for me to sleep, but I didn’t let get me. For those of you with anxiety, keep fighting! Also, as always I…

Saturday Evening Post

Good evening everyone! I hope everyone’s Saturday was great! Check out this article I found on why running makes us runners happier. Enjoy! 5 Reasons Running Makes You Happier

Running and Success

Good evening all! So it turns out running and success go hand-in-hand. Check out 11 Reasons Why Runners Are More Likely To Be Successful. Enjoy!

Kombucha Day 2020!

Good morning all! So today is National Kombucha Day! I’m super excited about today because, well, I love Kombucha! Also Newsweek has a great article about National Kombucha Day. NATIONAL KOMBUCHA DAY: IS KOMBUCHA ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU AND HOW TO GET FREE KOMBUCHA TODAY Of course some companies are offering good deals on Kombucha….