Allergy free snacks

Good evening all! I’m lactose intolerant. Lucky for me that is the only food allergy I have. There are many runners out there that have different food allergies and that can make finding a good snack difficult. Times are changing. Now there are, thankfully, newer snacks in stores for people with food allergies. In my…


Winter Snacks!

Good evening all! I am so loving this winter we are having here in SoCal! I’ve been going crazy with winter snacks and getting more protein in my diet. Check out this list of yummy winter snacks below. Enjoy! 6 of the best ways to fuel your winter running

Weird pre-race snacks!

Happy Saturday all! Everyone definately has that fav snack or meal they like to have befor, during, or after a race. Some people like a banana or a protein shake. However, some like something a bit different. Check out this article about some of the strange things some athletes like to eat. Enjoy! 8 Weird…